Important Information and Upcoming Events

Church Service: The Service on 10th March is at 10.00 am in Kimpton Church, NOT at Fyfield (because of building work).

Appleshaw Spring Litter Pick - From 10.30am, Sunday 24th March, meet at the Walnut Tree - click here for full details.

Appleshaw Village Hall still needs a Caretaker - click here for more information


Parish Church of St Peter in the Wood

St Peter in the Wood holds regular services and a family service every month.

A popular church for both Weddings and Baptism.

Visit this page for information on Church Services.


St Peter in the Wood
  St Peter in the Wood

The Parish of St Peter in the Wood in the Benefice of Appleshaw, Kimpton, Thruxton, Fyfield and Shipton Bellinger in the Diocese of Winchester.

10th Lent 1, Benefice Eucharist, Fyfield, 10am
Lent 2, Benefice Eucharist, Shipton Bellinger, 10am

24th Lent 3, Benefice Eucharist, Thruxton, 10am
Mothering Sunday Service, 11am
7th Lent 5, Passion Sunday, Benefice Eucharist, Kimpton, 10am
14th Palm Sunday, Benefice Eucharist, Appleshaw, 10am

18th Maunday Thursday, Liturgy of the Lord's Supper, Shipton Bellinger, 7.30pm
19th Good Friday, Stations of the Cross, 2pm
21st Easter Sunday, Parish Communion, 11am
28th Easter 2, Parish Communion, 11am
5th Easter 3, Morning Worship, 11am
12th Easter 4, Parish Communion 11am
Easter 5, Family Communion, 11am

26th Easter 6,
Parish Communion, 11am
30th (Thursday) , Benefice Eucharist for Ascension Day, Fyfield, 11am
2nd Easter 7, Morning Worship, 11am
9th Pentecost, Parish Communion 11am
Trinity Sunday, Family Communion, 11am

  St Peter in the Wood
Parish Communion means a Communion Service with hymns.
Family Worship means a service for the family of the Church at which children and their parents are particularly welcome.
St Peter in the Wood
  St Peter in the Wood